John :
I am long overdue in writing your company but I did want to let you know just how
much we appreciated the work that you did for us at our new home in the Estuary.  
Building a home is not an easy task.  With so may details to look after it really does
get to be a bit bewildering at times.  Unfortunately  there are many times that the
frustration one experiences stems from contractors who are incompetent or just plain
Like I said this is a long overdue and unsolicited testimonial for the truly fine work
you and your company did for us.  All of our options were clearly explained to us.  
Work was done on time and expertly.  Best of all we were not "abandoned" after our
check cleared the bank.  To the contrary, your company continued to provide us
with the very best service for the smallest of problems.  
Since our initial installation we have come to depend on Soundtech to keep us up to
date with the newest innovations in equipment  for a market that is evolving daily.
Thanks for winning our award as the best contractor we had the pleasure of dealing
with in the Estuary!

Very best regards

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